When we think of relationships we often think of those relationships with our families, friends, partners or work colleagues. But there is one relationship which is frequently overlooked. The relationship we have with ourselves.

Having a healthy relationship with yourself helps to give us insights in to our relationships with others. How do we know if we have a healthy relationship with ourselves? Do you value your self worth? Are you able to acknowledge your strong points as well as your flaws?

If we value others by giving them our unconditional love then why can’t we do this towards ourselves? This is not an act of selfishness but of valuing yourself. You deserve self-care and self-love.

Basic ways to care for yourself are to start with your physical needs. Are you getting enough sleep and rest? Are you eating a healthy and balanced diet? Are you exercising?

Do you make time for yourself? Do you pay attention to the way you are feeling or thinking? Do you ever wonder why you think or feel certain ways?

How often have you heard that critic in your head, listened to it and believed it? Imagine that critic was talking to someone you cared for, would you let it talk to them in that way?

The greatest relationship you will ever have will be with yourself, enjoy it while you can!


If you think this is an impossible task then give me a call here at Buxton Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, together we can make it a reality.

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