S, from High Peak's testimonial

“I have seen Paula over six sessions after reading an article about her in a local community magazine. I felt that she could help me, but realised I was asking for her help to deal with a complex issue from my past.

Something had happened recently in my life that brought all the demons back; demons which at the time had caused me to lose self-esteem and from which it has taken me a long time to recover. It is a credit to a happy and secure marriage that has helped me to deal with these earlier problems, but I was left traumatised by an encounter which took me back to those years.

I could not speak to a friend as some issues were too personal. I needed to talk to someone who would listen and not judge.

From my first encounter with Paula, I knew we were going to ‘get along’ and she listened with great empathy to my story. She paused from time to time to ask relevant questions but never intruded or offered advice or judged me.

Her careful questioning led me to evaluate my own feelings and to try to come to terms with the past. I can honestly say that as our sessions progressed, I felt a great weight fall from my shoulders.

It was so therapeutic to be able to talk openly about some very personal issues.”

– S, from High Peak

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