PM's testimonial

“I worked with Paula for almost a year after suffering from depression and anxiety. My doctor had prescribed antidepressants for the previous three years, but had also recommended counselling.

From the beginning, Paula immediately put me at my ease. By openly exploring issues, we quickly built up trust (the sessions are fully confidential). We were able to identify potential root causes for what was making me feel and think the way I was about myself and life in general. From past counselling, this hadn’t been the case.

Paula provided some simple exercises that make you think about yourself. Sometimes it felt like a light bulb coming on. She also provided some mantras which I continue to use today.

By seeking another person’s perspective and receiving coaching, I was able to understand how to handle the build-up to situations and deal with past behaviours.

Working with Paula I have changed my outlook. I no longer take medication and am trying to embrace everything that is on offer.

My family immediately noticed the difference.

I recommend an open mind and full engagement to get the best out of the sessions.”

– PM

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