Steve’s testimonial

“I found Paula through Facebook last year and started with a course of free sessions. I have used various counsellors and a multitude of techniques in the past and was astounded by how astute and how quickly Paula worked me out.

I attended weekly sessions with Paula and talked through my anxiety issues and found out things that I had never even thought of before.

I highly recommend Paula if you are experiencing any issues in your life, you will be met with a warm and friendly person who will lend you a sympathetic ear, and someone who is highly skilled to help you through the difficult periods we all go through in life.

You will become a better person for it, and understand why, and how, you react to situations we all encounter.

I just wish I had found her 3 years ago when my problems first arose. I am a happier and more aware person than I was before meeting her.”

– Steve

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